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Surya Technologies provides modeling, simulation, analysis and optimization services in key areas for corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations:

  • Sustainability, with a focus on result-oriented analysis and optimization of environmental performance metrics (such as energy use, emissions, waste, and materials use) in large/complex systems
  • Business processes, for both manufacturing and service industries, with special interests in quantifying/improving environmental impacts and modeling/analyzing lean processes
  • Public policy, particularly at the intersection of social, economic and environmental issues, ranging from global trade to local recycling
  • Electronic design automation (EDA) solutions for integrated circuit design
  • Other scientific and engineering applications

Our solutions are based on a variety of paradigms and algorithms depending on the problem, such as:

  • “Static” analysis and optimization algorithms
  • Optimization methods of operations research
  • System dynamics
  • Discrete-event simulation
  • Agent-based simulation

We often use one of our proprietary software tools in service projects. We can also quickly develop high-quality custom tools and solutions using a variety of programming languages, and can leverage our existing software infrastructure. We can combine off-the-shelf simulation software (such as Vensim, Arena, NetLogo, MATLAB, etc.) with proprietary software as needed. We typically program with C/C++ for Unix/Linux platforms; Visual C++/C# and .NET for Windows desktop applications; and, Visual C# and ASP.NET for web applications on Windows servers.

Our deliverables depend on the specific project and typically include one or more of the following:

  • Custom software tools, as standalone solutions or to augment other tools
  • Calibrated and tested simulation models for use with either a commercially available simulation tool or our proprietary software
  • Simulation and/or optimization results, including appropriate analysis, interpretation and recommendations

We engage with customers on a project basis or an hourly consulting basis. Our software is licensed to customers as standalone products or as part of larger service agreements. We also work in partnership with other software firms, consultants, and nonprofit organizations in cases where we can add value through our complementary products, services and expertise.


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Surya Technologies will soon become CleanMetrics Corp.

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