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CargoScope TM - An Energy/Emissions Analyzer for Supply Chains

CargoScope is an interactive, easy-to-use, web-based analysis tool for modeling and analyzing energy-use and emissions in complex supply chains. With CargoScope, every step in a supply chain -- transport, storage, or processing -- can be modeled in detail from an energy and emissions perspective. It includes detailed transport models, energy sources, emission factors, and automatic domestic/international transport distance calculations. CargoScope addresses the increasing concerns about carbon footprints and energy consumption in supply chains by automating and simplifying the difficult tasks involved in modeling, analyzing and optimizing supply-chain environmental performance


  • Carbon footprint analysis for any product or service
  • Detailed energy-use and carbon emissions analysis in complex supply chains
  • Identification and verification of specific optimizations to improve supply-chain environmental performance

A demo version of CargoScope is available at .


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