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CarbonScope TM - A Carbon Footprint Analyzer for Food Products

CarbonScope is part of the CleanMetrics suite of software tools for analyzing and optimizing environmental performance. CarbonScope provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the carbon footprints of food products, taking into account the carbon emissions from energy use as well as other critical greenhouse gas emissions. CarbonScope looks at the entire supply chain, and accounts for production, processing, packaging, storage, and transport up to a delivery point such as a retail store, restaurant or home. CarbonScope is a web-based information system that can be used in a variety of applications to evaluate and optimize carbon footprints in food systems.

Corporate purchasers at food processors, grocery chains, restaurant chains and food service companies can use the tool to:

  • Evaluate carbon footprints of alternate suppliers.
  • Add carbon footprint information to product labels.
  • Minimize overall carbon impact of products.

Consumers at grocery stores (online or in-store), restaurants and cafes can use the tool to:

  • Get carbon footprints of shopping baskets or meals.
  • Make alternate choices to reduce their food carbon footprint.
  • See carbon and nutrition information in a single framework as they make choices and trade-offs.

The software tool is closely tied to our standard and custom databases, combined with our proprietary supply-chain environmental analysis. The databases include all aspects of food supply chains, including production, processing, packaging, storage and transportation. CarbonScope's results can range from highly accurate analysis to quick estimates depending on the data content. We provide custom database development services for specific industry sectors and products.

Production versions of CarbonScope can be hosted on our servers or licensed to run on yours. A demo version of CarbonScope is available at .


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