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Supply Chain Environmental Analysis/Optimization Tool: SEAT TM

SEAT is an interactive software tool that can be used to quantify and improve the environmental performance of supply chains.

SEAT allows users to easily model supply chain elements – including transportation, storage, and production – from an energy and carbon-dioxide emissions perspective, and then provides powerful methods to analyze, report, and explore improvements to supply-chain environmental performance. The analysis includes a comprehensive accounting of energy usage, carbon-dioxide emissions, and financial cost. SEAT supports all types of transport modes (road, air, ocean, rail), and includes integrated routing and locational intelligence for road transport.

SEAT can be used for detailed analysis of existing supply chains, “what-if” experiments, and comparisons of alternative supply chain configurations. Optional optimization modules are available for minimizing transport fuel consumption in supply/distribution networks, and for determining the best transport modes and shipping sizes throughout a supply chain.

SEAT can be valuable in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Achieving overall cost savings from reduced energy use in supply chains
  • Meeting greenhouse gas emission reduction targets
  • Emission calculations for use in offsetting carbon footprints
  • Carbon footprint analysis for eco-labeling of consumer products
  • Detailed corporate reporting of energy use and emissions

The SEAT software runs on Microsoft Windows platforms, and is now available as part of service agreements. A web-based version of SEAT will be available soon. Please contact us to discuss customized solution packages that can address your specific needs.

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