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Carbon Analyzer for Package Shipping: CAPS TM

CAPS is a web-based tool set that can calculate the carbon-dioxide emissions generated from shipping packages and containers of all sizes through multiple transport modes such as trucks, rail, ships, or airplanes.

CAPS can be used to compare the carbon footprints of alternate shipping routes and transport modes, so that lowest-impact solutions can be selected. This can be particularly valuable for companies that routinely ship or receive large volumes. The emission calculations from CAPS can also be used in corporate and individual efforts to monitor and offset carbon emissions from long-distance shipping.

Free versions of CAPS (listed below) are available for both demonstration and actual usage. Feel free to try them out. And please contact us if you are interested in licensing more sophisticated/customized versions that you can deploy within your organization and/or provide to your customers.


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Take carbon out of shipping.TM

Check out the free versions of CAPS:

  • CAPS-M
  • CAPS-R